HANZO Serrated Bread Knife Professional - 9 inch Katana Series

THE NEW STANDARD FOR SERRATED/BREAD KNIVES Impress your guests and add refinement to your kitchen with your visually stunning chef’s knife. Extreme performance, full tang, satisfying to hold, fun to use.

RAZOR SHARP JAPANESE STEEL Japanese VG10 from Takefu city. 67 layers of high carbon steel. Razor sharp out of the box. Stunning ‘storm’ wavy pattern on the blade. Ultra-comfortable to hold. Perfectly balanced.

STUNNING HANDLE Premium grade G10 grip with triple rivets along a full tang handle. Stylish Hanzo RED star mosaic rivet that turns heads. Ultra-comfort design that’s perfect for your fingers. NO discomfort. Continuous curved bolster and heel. Safety heel to prevent nicks.

BEST VALUE Don’t compare on price alone. You get what you pay for. Hanzo will last a lifetime. Luxury gift box. Cuts, slices and dices proteins, vegetables and fruits with precision. Won’t turn your tomatoes into juice. No tearing. Do you want to cut, slice and dice like a master chef on TV?

Hanzo Story
Every Hanzo Katana blade begins its journey in Takefu, Japan where premium high carbon stainless steel is forged at thousands of degrees into 67 'tempest Damascus pattern' layers around a VG10 core using a 600 year old Japanese process that was used to inspire the timeless strength, sharpness, edge retention found in Samurai swords. It is from this rare prestigious heritage that Hanzo Katana represents ultimate quality and timeless reliability in kitchen knives for chefs, cooks, students and culinary enthusiasts around the world.

Blade Features
- UltraEdgeTM blade that's honed razor sharp out of the box
- Premium Japanese Takefu 67 ply VG10 Samurai steel for ultimate quality
- High carbon 1% steel for outstanding sharpness yet no staining or rust
- 60+ Rockwell for perfect hardness
- Cryogenically treated blade for edge retention
- Polished heel and spine for comfort

Handle Features:
- UltraComfortTM G10 handle that fits your hand
- Exotic Japanese style blade for precise cutting
- European style handle for control
- Tapered bolster for cutting speed
- Easy wipe clean surfaces
- Crafted by hand to the highest quality standards

- Length: 9 inch bread / serrated knife (203mm) blade
- Height: 1.77" (45mm) at heel
- Thickness: 0.086" (2.2mm) at bolster
- Geometry 15°

Hanzo Guarantee
Guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

Hanzo Customer Support
Our free support is world class which means we are here to support you and to answer any questions you have about our products.

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