Hanzo Chef Knife Professional Knives - 8 inch Katana Series

With its super sharp edge, sleek tapered shape, and comfortable handle, the Hanzo 8" will make your everyday dicing and slicing tasks smoother and quicker. Its high-carbon Japanese steel blade will also stay sharp 4x longer than blades made from softer stainless steel.

Our comfortable handle will be easier to hold and will reduce wrist strain, even in the most demanding kitchen conditions.

Our 9.5" and 8" chef's knives are identical in workmanship and quality. The only difference is their length.

The Blade

  • edge lasts 4x longer between sharpening so you spend more time being creative
  • made from high carbon steel so it's razor sharp yet it won't rust
  • hand crafted and hand sharpened. It takes 50 days to make a Hanzo
  • 100% Japanese steel for durability and strength
  • razor sharp out of the box
  • heel has a small rounded edge to protect you from nicks and cuts
  • blade is thicker towards the front than at the bolster, transmitting cutting force forward
  • you don't need to worry about keeping it oiled, just wipe it down and you're done
  • 67 layers of stainless steel around a VG10 core increases strength and reduces flexing
  • 8" long from tip to bolster so it's a great length for chefs who like a longer blade
  • full tang, a single piece of metal from the pommel to the tip, so it feels firm and solid to hold
  • super thin blade for accurate cutting that is super strong so it won't twist or bend
  • less cutting force needed. Dial it back, reduce hand strain and save your energy
  • 100% hand made
  • Hanzo logo is etched into the blade using high powered lasers so it looks awesome


The Handle

  • very comfortable to hold. feels natural in your hand
  • designed to last a lifetime - yes we provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • military grade G10 material will not split, break or shatter
  • firm feel. no twisting or slipping in the hand
  • extra space under the handles to protect knuckles from hitting the board
  • pommel is great for smashing food like garlic and it's angled for safety so that the blade points away from you
  • anti-slip safety feature under the handle holds your fingers in place
  • mosaic is hand crafted from dozens of little tubes and the red star is made from resin and molded into place


The Bolster

  • smooth edges, designed to be comfortable when pinch grip cutting
  • high polish around the bolster to reduce finger stress and pain when cutting for long periods of time
  • balance point is perfect so the blade feels like an extension of your hand


Hanzo 9.5" and the Miyabi


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