For the millions of chefs who depend on their knife

You may be one of them

If your knife dulls quickly… or your tomatoes turn to juice… or your fingers hurt when cutting... or preparation is a chore then then you are not alone. 

Most expensive knives made by big brands use inferior steel that stains or requires frequent sharpening. These knives crush food and many have uncomfortable handles that limit your technique and strain your hand.

Do you use an inferior knife? If you do, it doesn't need to be like this.

Fortunately there is Hanzo Katana, the superior knife for chefs. 


Our steel is superior and our edge stays sharp 4x longer. Our blades don't crush your food and our handles are comfortable to hold.


Hanzo Mosaic


There's a reason why our great customers love us

Hanzo Mosaic





Hanzo Mosaic