Sharpening Your Hanzo Knife

Sharpening Your Hanzo Knife

April 19, 2017

Hanzo’s VG10 Japanese chef’s knifes arrive extremely sharp out of the box, but like any tool that is meant to be used, you may find the edge could use a touch-up over time.

We recommend finding a professional sharpening service in your area unless you are highly experienced with knife sharpening. Local Bed Bath & Beyond stores offer in-store services for your kitchen knives. If you have any questions or would like a sharpening recommendation, please use our contact page to get in touch.

For those who are highly experienced, we recommend the following process to get the most from the edge of your Hanzo Katana kitchen knife.

Hanzo recommends that knives be sharpened through professional knife sharpening services. Companies such as Bed, Bath and Beyond offer in-shop sharpening services at low cost.

Recommended steps and whetstone grades for manual sharpening:

  1. Use a 2000 grit whetstone
  2. Use a 6000 grit whetstone
  3. Use a 12000 grit whetstone
  4. Polish the edge with a leather strop and 16000-20000 grit diamond paste

Some Detailed Recommendations and Tips For You 

Firstly, the steel is expensive Japanese VG10 which means that it will hold an edge for much longer than regular knives however it will still require maintenance to keep it razor sharp. It's best to ALWAYS cut on wood or plastic surfaces and cutting boards and AVOID cutting on plates, marble benches or metal sinks as these will definitely damage the edge at at a microscopic level.
How the knife is maintained and sharpened depends on the sharpening skills of the person sharpening the knife AND the state of the edge. If you have whetstone sharpening skills then the following instructions will give excellent results. If not, we recommend using a professional sharpening service in your local area. Be careful not to inadvertently scratch the blade surface, bolster or handle when sharpening as this will take away from the visual beauty of the knife.

Sharpening Recommendations:
  1. If the edge has been damaged, pitted, or badly blunted - 1st 1000 grit to repair the edge followed by 3000 grit and then 8000 grit whetstone. Finally strop, the edge using a leather strop and 0.5 micron diamond spray/paste.
  2. If the edge is in good condition and slightly blunt - 1st 3000 grit followed the 8000 grit whetstone and then finally strop the edge using a leather strop and 0.5 micron diamond spray/paste.
  3. If the edge is in excellent condition and you just want to restore the razor sharpness then use a high quality steel followed by 0.5 micron diamond spray/paste..
Sharpening tools and equipment recommended by Hanzo:
Diamond stropping with 0.5 micron diamond spray/paste gives AMAZING results and is worth the effort. You can find it and the whetstones we recommend on Amazon:

We currently do not offer an in-house sharpening service, but the longevity of your Hanzo Katana is very important to us. Send us a question or visit your local cutlery shop to ensure many years of smooth use with your Hanzo Katana.

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